Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are all of your cars dual controlled?

A. Yes all our cars have dual control brakes

Q. Do you have manual and automatic car?

A. Yes we do or if you want you can learn in your own car

Q. Is it true that if I sit my Restricted Licence test in an automatic car I am only licenced to drive automatic cars?

A. Yes it is, however if you sit your licence in a manual car you are licenced to drive both manual and automatic.

Q. Can I sit my full licence test in an automatic car but still have a licence to drive both automatic and manual cars?

A. Yes you can, it doesn’t matter which car you sit your full licence test in, on passing you will be issued with a full licence to drive both manual and automatic vehicles.

Q. Are all the instructors fully qualified?

A. Yes all our instructors hold current instructors licences issued by Land Transport New Zealand.

Q. If I have an accident will it cost me?

A. No all our vehicles are fully insured; in the unlikely event of an accident you will not be liable for any costs.

Q. What hours are lessons available?

A. We have lessons available from 7am through to the last booking of 4.30 – 5.30pm Monday to Friday

Q. Can I use my own vehicle for a lesson?

A. Yes you can, in fact a lot of people do, especially if they are going to use their own car for their licence test.

Q. Can your cars be used for the driving test?

A. Yes as long as your instructor is satisfied that you are up to licence standard and the car is available at the allocated test time.

Q. Do I have to come to you for lessons, and what parts of town do you cover?

A. We can come to your for lessons or meet you at one of the testing stations if you prefer. We cover all of the central city and go as far as Lyttelton, Sumner, Heathcote, Southshore, Belfast, Yaldhurst, Hornby, Halswell and Templeton and probably more, just ask.

Q. Do you have to have a Learners Licence to take lessons?

A. Yes you do and you need to make sure that you have your licence with you on each lesson.

Q. Can you just have one lesson or do you have book a certain amount of lessons?

A. No you are not committed to having any set amount of lessons you can have just one or as many as you like.

Q. How do I book lessons?

A. The easiest way to book is over the phone (03) 366-7669.

Q. Can I request a specific instructor?

A. Yes definitely, our instructors get a lot of their work from recommendations, just make sure that you mention it at the time of booking.

Q. I’ve had my licence for years and still don’t know how to park can I have lesson just on parking?

A. You can! And it is actually happens a lot more than you realise, we often give refresher lessons and lessons just to give people their confidence back.

Q. How do I pay for lessons?

A. Payment is to be made after each lesson with either cash or cheque or if you prefer payments can be made via the Internet.  Talk to us abouth this at the time of booking.

Q. Do you do Defensive Driving Courses?

A. Sorry we no longer offer Defensive Driving Courses.

Q. Do you do lessons for people going for their full licences?

A. Yes we do them a lot. The full licence test is an hour long and quite intense so it is good to go along feeling confident and knowing what is expected of you at the time of your test.