Converting Overseas Licenses

People who are converting driver licences from some overseas countries also need to complete the full licence test.If you have a current overseas driver licence or international driving permit, you can drive using that for a maximum of 12 months from the date you arrive in New Zealand. (Note: if your overseas licence or permit isn’t in English, you must carry an accurate translation.

You will have to pass a theory test and, depending on the country you have come from, you may have to pass a practical driving test as well.

Some countries require similar driving skills and have similar licensing systems to New Zealand’s. The law recognises that drivers from these countries usually have adequate driving skills, and they may not have to sit the practical driving test.

Check factsheet No 56 New residents and visitors – driving in New Zealand

Many people converting their overseas licences come to us for lessons to make sure they are driving at full licence standard. Often people don’t realise the bad habits that creep in over the years since they passed their first licence test. With a one hour lesson we will be able give you an accurate assessment of how you would go at the time of your test and any areas that you would need to work on.

The cost is $60, the same as for a regular driving lesson.